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Welcome to the Past!

Our historical workshops bring history to life.

Covering historical periods throughout British history, our passionate and knowledgeable session leaders will take your class on a journey back in time.

These workshops use a combination of interactive talks, role-play, hands-on activities and games to allow children to be fully immersed in the period of history and discover what life would have really been like.

All our days are cross-curricular. As well as a fun filled day all about your chosen period of history children will also experience: object handling, drama (interactive storytelling), problem solving, literacy, team work, geography, maths, code breaking, and most importantly... fun!

Check out our exciting workshops below:

Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch as we are regularly expanding our offer.


From the original hunter gathers to early farming communities, ancient technology and pre-historic art!


Discover life in a Saxon home, the power of runes and how life changed when the Vikings came.


From Tudor royalty to daily life, to the depths of the theatre and Tudor crime and punishment.


The Bronze-Age pioneers who conquered the world. Just how much do we owe our culture to the Greeks?


Adventure and danger await. Don your armour and set sail, for glory and riches!


Experience a Victorian classroom where the stick prevails and one wrong turn could see you punished!


Meet a Roman Soldier and find out what life was really like in Roman Britain.


The Middle Ages wasn't all romance and chivalry. Find out about the delights and the perils.


Sirens, bombings, code breaking and music to lift your spirits. Are you doing your bit for the war effort?

Other Workshops

Find out about various toys throughout History. 

Every child makes their own wooden toy, based on examples from over the last 3,500 years.

Chemistry Students

Learn by doing with our hands-on Science Workshops

Carry out many experiments in the class room covering all areas of Science.


Discover the world of traditional dance. 

Learn where it came from and how it has evolved. Get the whole class up having a go. 

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