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DIY School Packs

At Classroom Adventures we offer immersive and interactive experience days for schools and educational groups. However, we know that there are reasons why some schools may not be in a position to offer a Classroom Adventures Experience Day to their pupils. It maybe that the school is out of reach for us, or the intake size is too small for the school to be able to afford visitors…


Whatever the reason we have put together a fantastic pack full of activities and resources so that you can run an amazing experience day at your school yourself. 

The pack includes one core craft activity which we will send to you via post. This activity is specifically chosen to give children the opportunity to express a variety of skills and competencies such as design and motor skills.


Once purchased you will be sent information on how to log into our website which will grant you member restricted access to all of the activities and resources related to the pack that you have purchased. This includes details on how to complete/build the core activity as well as a range of supporting activities and resources, which you can use to build the children’s engagement in the day.


Simply click here to send us an enquiry and select the “DIY School Pack” check box to start your order.


Take a look below to see what DIY School Packs we have available.


Don’t see a pack for the topic of study that you are looking for? We are in the process of putting together DIY School Packs for all of our most popular experience days. Simply hit the contact us button below to see what we have available for you.


From £7 per pupil

Toy Making School Pack

In our Toy Making School Pack we have chosen a select range of some of our favourite toys for you to make with your pupils. There is still the opportunity for pupils to use hand skills (tools for assembly are provided) and you have the benefit of being able to run the workshop element to your own strengths and comfortabilities. Pre-recorded videos are also provided giving detailed build instructions as well as supplementary videos about the toys and using the tools.


From £7 per pupil

Roman School Pack

For our Roman Day School Pack we have scoured the land for the best mosaic making materials that we can find and this is what we have come up with. The pack contains a wooden board for every child and bag of assorted small square quality ceramic composite tiles. These tiles are great because, not only do they look the part, but they can be cut to shape with scissors (if desired) to achieve more intricate patterns.

Also included in the pack are pre-recorded videos detailing how to use the contents of the pack, a video of real Romans and an assortment of activities and resources to add to the children's engagement in the day.

Wooden Viking Shield.jpg

From £8 per pupil

Viking & Anglo-Saxon School Pack

Whether you are a marauding Viking or an Anglo-Saxon defender you will need some protection. It's a good job that our Viking & Anglo-Saxon School Pack contains wooden components for children to make their very own shield. Compare historical examples or get the children to come up with their own designs to make their shield battle ready!

As well as the components to make the shields, in this pack you have access to our "how to" videos as well as a video of real Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and a plethora of extra activities and resources to really add to the day

Other Workshops

Find out about various toys throughout History. 

Every child makes their own wooden toy, based on examples from over the last 3,500 years.


Interactive, immersive, character led workshops in your school.

Covering many periods including Stone Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon & Tudor.

Chemistry Students

Learn by doing with our hands-on Science Workshops

Carry out many experiments in the class room covering all areas of Science.

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