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The Victorian School Experience Day

Class you may be seated!

"Do not speak unless spoken to, children should be seen and not heard, do you understand? Any unruly behaviour in my classroom will be punished!"

Just how much has changed in 150 years? Step back in time into a Victorian classroom to find out. But be careful it may not be quite like what you are used to! Learn to write and reckon like a Victorian child though mind your work, your teacher doesn’t take kindly to mistakes.

If you finish all of your work and make it through school unscathed then you may be rewarded with play time, being able to handle and play with Victorian toys and games.

In this fun (and slightly terrifying) day about the Victorians you will learn:

  • How children were treated

  • What was taught at school

  • How to write with a dip pen

  • Multi-based arithmetic

  • About the different punishments children could face

  • The games children played

Plus much more!

For further details on our Victorian School Experience Day, including pricing and availability call us now on 07563 372830, email us at info@classroomadventures.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form.

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