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Balancing toys marvel the viewer with their ability to stay upright and, often, rock without falling over. With the use of a counterweight the "body" of the toy rests freely upon some kind of stand allowing movement.


Balancing toys were very popular during the victorian period and some of the early "types" used mercury (don't worry ours don't)! As well as for playthings the principle of balaning and using counterweights has made them popular for demonstrating forces, maths and physics.


All of the toys in our Toy Making range are made with wooden components (along with a few other things, like string).


These toys are designed to be made with adult supervision, and the use of some tools is part of the experience.


The tools needed to make our Toy Making Pack toys are:

  • Sandpaper
  • A hammer
  • PVA glue


If you do not have the tools to build your toy then you can buy a tool pack from our shop.


You will also need a pencil and colouring crayons to complete the design of your toy. If you need colouring crayons then these can also be ordered from our shop.


Full instructions for assembly are provided, as well as a video presentation on our entire toy collection, their stories (history), where they have come from (geography) and how they work (forces/science).


ATTENTION: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, or any individuals who have a tendancy to place inedible objects in their mouth. Parental supervision essential.

Balancing Parrot Kit


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