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Human Body Experience Day

In this fun and immersive experience day children will discover all about the inner workings of our brilliant bodies, including how to ensure we stay fit and healthy.

They will explore, through demonstrations and interactive experiments, how our bodies work on a day-to-day basis, why we get diseases and how our bodies can heal us, plus what we can do to help ensure our bodies get everything that they need

In this experience day, where children discover about what lies within ourselves, the day will cover

  • How our skeletons support and protect us.

  • What are germs? And how can we protect ourselves from them?

  • Heart dissections

  • What nutrition our bodies actually need.

  • Why we don’t all look the same.

Plus much more!

For further details on our Human Body Experience Day, including pricing and availability call us now on 07563 372830, email us at or fill out the form below:

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