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Toy Making Experience Day



We have various options available to suit your individual school's protocol. Contact us for more information on how you can still provide your children with an amazing experience that they will never forget, whilst staying safe and within government guidelines!

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We provide children with the opportunity to surprise themselves about their own abilities through the medium of toys!


Our fantastic toy making workshops for schools allow children to discover toys of the past and make their very own wooden toy, which they can keep at the end of the day.


These two-hour hands-on workshops allow children to follow the toy making process from start to finish and make their very own toy.

All pupils are completely involved in the toy making process and will be able to use a range of tools and techniques, including drilling and hammering (under one-on-one supervision).

Our toy workshops are aimed at children of all ages from 4 upwards and we can tailor the workshop to suit the age of the class. 


All of our toys are based on examples from the last 3,500 years. We have around thirty different toys which we use in our sessions.

This is an engaging cross-curricular program including aspects of History, Science, Art and Design Technology. 

“The initial presentation was engaging, and all children were immersed right from start. All the children finished the day having a toy that was completely their own. The children rarely get this opportunity so thank you for making this happen. See you soon!”
  • Amelia (Year 1 Teacher)


“The quality of the toys the children could make was fantastic! The delivery of the content was in a fun and engaging way for the children.”
  • Cole (Class Teacher)


“Watching creative children thrive and less able be fully included was my highlight.”
  • Nicole (Teacher)


“Fantastic visual representation / demonstrations. Lots of humour with the whole day presented in a fun, entertaining manner. Great cross-curricular links, which were very informative at an age appropriate level. Extremely well organised.”
  • Abbi (Class Teacher)

If you would like to book or find out more about our Toy Making Workshops you can inquire by calling us on 07540 860930 or by emailing info@classroomadventures.co.uk.

Alternatively fill out the enquiry form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Toy Examples

Here you will find examples of the types of toys that your pupils could be making at one of our workshops.

Click each image for more information on the toy

"Brian" The Bear And Ragged Staff
"Windy" The Windmill
"Trigger" The Tiger
"Dizzy" The Acrobat
"Vicky" The Victorian Horse
"The Grand ol' Duke of York" Soldier Up A Stick
"Whizzy" The Roundabout
"Shishi Gashira" The Lucky Lion
"Happy Wings" The Penguin
"Whoosh" The Racing Car
"Micky" The Monkey up a Stick
"Mr Tumble" The Tumbling Clown
"Jareth" The Owl
“Peckham" Pecking Chicken
"Enid" The Egyptian Horse
"Rockefeller" The Horse And Jockey
The "London Bridge" Marbles Bridge
"Ernie" The Egyptian Grinder
"Sebastian" The Super Donkey
"Rex" The Dog
"Spinny" The Cord Mill
"Pierre" The Balancing Parrot
The "Always Hungry" Catch Toys
"Bexie" The Bird Scarer
"Elderberry Castle" The Marbles Bridge
"Balancing Betty" The Acrobat
"Paul and Barry" The Bear And Blacksmith
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"Paul and Barry" The Bear And Blacksmith